What We Do

The Flow Way Community Development District provides a broad range of community related services and infrastructure to help ensure the quality of life desired by the Community. The District services can be identified in two major categories. They are the construction/financing for public infrastructure required for the community, and second, the long term operations and maintenance of that infrastructure. The primary purpose of the District is to provide a permanent structure for the financing and the maintenance of services for the community.

The maintenance of the District’s infrastructure is currently handled by the Master Association, and is funded directly to residents through the Master Homeowner’s Association.

The financing of the District’s infrastructure is being funded and completed in phases as development of the Community occurs. The District on-going construction program consists of a water management system, underground water and sewer utilities, landscaping, wetland mitigation and off-site improvements.

The following is a summary of the District’s financings.

Series 2013 Bonds:
  Par Amount Issued: $7,050,000
  Terms: $1,625,000 Tern Bond at 6.000%
    $5,425,000 Term Bond at 6.500%
  Par Amount Outstanding: $7,050,000
Series 2015 - Phase 3  Bonds:
  Par Amount Issued: $3,950,000
  Terms: $ 765,000 Term Bond at 4.250%
    $1,200,000 Term Bond at 5.000%
    $1,985,000 Term Bond at 5.375%
  Par Amount Outstanding: $3,950,000

The annual assessments for the community can be found in the Adopted Budget, which is on the link page of our web site.

For inquiries regarding the principal assessment on your individual property, contact the office of the District Manager via email , with your parcel identification number, which is located on your property tax bill, the physical address of the property, and the property owner’s name, and we will provide the specific information on your property.